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Conference Relegation

The Regions

The History

In this fictional universe, the NCAA agreed to a conference relegation system in 2018 that they put into place in 2022 which is the year we started this journey.

Each region has 3 conferences that schools get promoted or demoted between. Each region also has 3 schools in the bottom-tier American Conference competing against the service academies.

The Current Conference Structure

I may build this into the site somehow but, for now, this is a Google Sheet showing how the conferences are currently set up and how relegation has changed them.

Relegation Rules

– The conference winners from Tier 2 and Tier 3 get promoted up a tier each season, and
– The team with the worst conference record gets demoted to the lower tier in their place (If two teams tied, use head-to-head record as tiebreaker otherwise use BCS rank as tiebreaker)
– If the champion from the American Conference is not a service academy, the conference champion gets promoted into their region’s Tier 3 conference (with that conference’s worst team getting demoted)