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Who would like to create a simulated baseball story?

There exists a void in the simulated baseball universe and one brave soul must fill that void.

The flagship series on this site will follow a new Coach Luke story being simulated in NCAA Football 14. We watch on Twitch, and I write some newsletter posts about the fake teams.

But, there exists room for more than just simulated college football stories though. There exists room for more than just Coach Luke’s take on simulated video game stories too. As we saw with Ricky O’Donnell before us, these things can be done in all sorts of ways. So, maybe you love baseball and just think it would be cool to simulate your way through a journey of building a great baseball team and you think it would be cool if people were cheering along with you.

You can do that here! If that sounds like something you’d like to do, we can figure out what angle you may want to take for your series and we can figure out a way for you to get your series streaming on Twitch too.

What game you play is up to you. It could be super old-school or it could be a modern game. Whatever you think would be most fun for you! Just send me a message and we can chat about some ideas if you’re interested:

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